The secret to a happy family…



Everyone wants a happy family, right?

Well the secret is not really well hidden. Apart from the bottom parts of the Maslow pyramid, physical security, having food to eat, being provided for, the only thing you need to keep your family together and happy is


Sounds easy, right?

It’s not always so. Sometimes we have difficult days and the children are loud, and it’s unbearable. Who loves that?

Who loves laundry, and doing the dishes, and crumbles on the couch?

So we need to take the time to spend quality time together, individually, with the family members. Look at them, see them, hear them, and (re)discover how awesome they are.

In the beginning, it is easiest to set a quiet 5 or 10 min timer on your phone, make sure it’s not disruptive.

If the family member you are focusing on is confused, too quiet, or even angry about your approach, that’s a sign that they haven’t felt very loved recently, or have something going on that is making them feel bad, and this is the time they start sharing with you.
Hold tight, it will get better.

During the time you set, it’s important to show them that you devoted this time to them, entirely, and nothing else matters to you. Don’t be pushy or make this about your feelings – just sit/stand there, relaxed, and be present.

Of course, you can show your love with presents and exciting outings, or by providing for your family. But the greatest gift you can give is your time, your attention, and your love.

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