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A Couple’s Incredible Transformation After Losing 400 Pounds



Lexi and Danny Reed were a couple who had been living an unhealthy lifestyle for years, slowly but surely gaining weight. With their health deteriorating and their quality of life suffering as a result, they knew it was time to make some drastic changes. So the Reeds decided to take action, determined to transform themselves into healthier versions of themselves no matter what it took. The journey wasn’t easy; it required dedication, hard work, and determination on their part.

Lexi and Danny’s Eating Out Behavior

Lexi and Danny are an American couple whose lives revolve around their unhealthy habit of eating out. The two enjoy watching television, but they also like to go to restaurants that serve up all sorts of unhealthy snacks and meals. Since tying the knot, Lexi’s diet has taken a turn for the worse; not only is she disregarding nutritious foods, but she is reaching for the unhealthiest options available on the menu. Danny is not much help either; he follows suit and often adds to the already unhealthy selections.

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